“Chad Groth has put on some of the best events in Arizona and the west coast over the last few years and I look forward to many more in the future.”

Maurice Leitzke
Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Eastern Arizona College


“If youre looking for an event thats done first-class, the right way, and with the kids best interest at heart, a Chad Groth run event is worth attending. His years of experience in basketball are numerous on many levels and his connections are diverse, but more than anything, hes taking an area that hasnt had the most widely known reputation for basketball and hes giving it credibility. Hes a tireless worker but stands behind what he promises to give to kids who are playing the game of basketball, which is: an opportunity to compete in a healthy environment, good instruction and helpful information, plus real exposure in the West. Area Codes Basketball will only continue to grow! Id check it out.”

Greg Turner, Associate Director of Programs, iHoops
The Official Youth Basketball Initiative of the NCAA & NBA


“Chad has a respected eye as a talent evaluator” “His showcases are consistantly well attended and organized.”

Dan Nichols – Head Basketball coach South Mountain Community College


“I have always recruited the state of Arizona hard. Chad Groth has made it much easier with the exposure he creates with his first class events and scouting service. I find his reports to be very helpful as they are highly accurate. I look forward to attending his showcases and tournaments because of his hospitality and to see the best players in the state.”

Adam Schwartz
Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Lamar Community College


“I have known Chad for over ten years and have always thought very highly of him. Chad is in the business to help kids and to see them achieve their hopes and dreams. Chad is very well connected throughout all levels of basketball and runs great showcases and events.

Paul Eberhardt
Athletic Director/Dean of Students
Ellsworth Community College-Iowa


“My relationship with Chad Groth started when he worked with the Timberwolves and grew when we both were with the Harlem Globetrotters. Now as a Head Coach at the college level I rely on Area Code Basketball to keep me informed about players on the west coast especially due to budget constraints with me being on the east coast. The guy simply knows talent and I look forward to recruiting the next and every prospect you send my way.”

Coach Bruce Capers
Head Basketball Coach
Aiken Technical College
NJCAA D-1 National Program


“I’ve known and worked with my good friend Chad Groth almost 20 years and in that time I discovered unique, dedicated and hardworking individual.

Chad’s circle of professional friends and his continued leadership as and talent scout and respcted organizer of national AAU basketball camps is no surprise to me. Prominent NBA coach Bernie Bickerstaff once told me that Chad was valuable because he took care of the details and dirty work while others often celebrated and took credit. My family and I are proud to have Chad Groth as a part of our extended family.”

Mannie Jackson
Owner (1992-2006)
Harlem Globetrotters


“Chad Groth is one of the most well connected people in the basketball world. His network of friends and associates is very expansive. He shows a tremendous enthusiasm for kids and the game itself.”

Gerry Freitas Hoop Review & West Coast Hoops Report


“No one in the business works harder than Chad Groth at neither building relationships, nor does anyone in the business knows as many important people in the business as does Chad Groth. As a result, his connections in the business allow for him to market and place todays student-athletes in colleges.”

Channing Frye Phoenix Suns (NBA player)


“I have known Chad Groth for 15 years. I have great respect for his basketball knowledge and evaluation skills, but most importantly he is a man of word. I have often called Chad when I was player personnel director of the Los Angeles Clippers for information on players and highly value his opinion.”

Barry Hecker Assistant Coach Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)


“Chad Groth has a great knack for spotting top young talent. He is honest and forthright and doesn’t try to lead a kid on to believing he is something he is not. He will give you an honest analysis, which, in the end, is the greatest service he can do for an up-and-coming basketball prospect.”

Richard Obert, Arizona Republic