Salt Lake City, Utah – The 2016 Rookie Extravaganza presented by Area Codes Basketball & the A-Train Youth Foundation was held on November 5-6 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Franklin Covey Gymnasium the former practice facility of the Utah Jazz, now run by Alex Austin (A-Train Youth Foundation) the father of former college basketball player at Baylor and All_American Isaiah Austin.

This event was one that was for youth in grades 3-8, which stressed, player development in intense skills training by Jason Wright (JW Basketball) of Los Angeles, CA. Wright has trained several players including Kobe Bryant.

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utahcampDirector Alex Austin talks to the campers

Let’s break down the weekends Top Prospects in Utah for the following grades…..

Class of 2021 (8th graders)

Talon Valdes (St John the Baptist) Best overall skilled athlete in Utah during this event w/ great scoring ability, named MVP honors.

utah-1Talon Valdes

Carter Johnson (Clayton MS) Long and wiry wing that plays a few positions.

Malik Ndiaye (Elk Ridge MS) Good upside, must keep improving.

Josh Icasia (Legacy Prep) Solid IQ and best days ahead.

Reese McCormick (Bonneville) Worked hard on both ends of the floor, one to watch.

utah5Malik Ndiaye

Class of 2022 (7th graders)

Tyler Jensen (Hawthorn Academy) Co-MVP for his class, Jensen can score the ball, has a nice mid-range pull up and knows how to play.

Ozzie Smith (Rowland Hall) The southpaw PG has handles and gifted potential on the court, shared MVP honors in his class with Jensen.

utah2Tyler Jensen

Andrew Burnett (Our Lady of Lourdes) In the skills session displayed good balance, can play a few positions on the court.

Aidan Clarken (Our Lady of Lourdes) Impressive during the two-day showcase & passes very well in the open court.

utah4De’Shawn Toilolo

Class of 2023 (6th graders) listed in alphabetical order

Kiet Vo (Challenger) 5’0

Kirath Harkar (Endeavor Hall) 5’1

Koda Tanner (Lake Ridge) 4’11

Max Paret (Home School) 4’10

Michael Shaffer (St Vincent) 5’3

utahgirlParet, Jenson & Hutchins

Top Female Prospects (listed in order)

Gracie Paret (Home School) 5’0 2023

Daija Hutchins (Challenger) 5’1 2023

Emily Jenson (St Vincent DePaul) 5’2 2023

utahcamp2Utah’s Top Rookie Prospects

Class of 2024 (listed by height)

Xander Gonzales (St Vincent) 5’0

Kai Thompson (Vista) 4’11

Nicolas Rodriguez (Freemont) 4’9

Saxton McKnight (St John’s) 4’9

Tyton Nielson (Elk Run) 4’6

utahcampphotoUtah’s Top Rookie Prospects

Class of 2025 & 2026 (listed by height)

Karan Harkar (Endeavor Hall) 5’6

Xander Gonzales (St Vincent) 5’0

Matt Kirkham (Upland Terrace) 5’0

Jaxon Neilsen (Monticello Academy) 4’10

De’Shawn Toilolo (Neil Armstrong) 4’9

Bridger Hughes (Orchard) 4’7

Braxton Easterbrook (Silvercrest) 4’6 2026

Evan Berrett (Rose Creek) 4’6

Seth Ivins (Upland Terrace) 4’6

utah3Jaxon Neilsen





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