Houston, Texas – The Houston Hidden 20 Prospects Showcase was held on Friday October 7 at the NSOL Life Center Gymnasium.

houston_hidden20Houston Hidden 20 Prospects Showcase

The players worked skill development, drills, station’s and played 5 on 5 competitive games in front of Area Codes Basketball’s Scouting Service’s own Chad Groth. The court was directed by former South Alabama basketball player Richard Law. Law also played professional basketball overseas in several countries and is known as one of the best player/skill development teachers in the country. Law has worked with several NBA, College and youth players.

Also a special thanks to Zac Kircher for assisting in the Hidden 20 and also served in the training and skill development session in the Hidden 20.

No wonder why the state of Texas has 100 division I players a year sign with college programs, these players are more about fundamentals and working on skill development to get better, not just playing in tournaments every weekend. At the end of the day I was very impressed with the prospects that participated and I believe I evaluated at least 5 division I players and the rest were DII and NAIA level prospects.

“I really liked the skills session it showed us a lot & liked each players work ethic, this was needed for Area Codes Basketball to evaluate the Houston area players”, said Kircher.

The Hidden 20 will now be annual in Houston and look forward to watching these players during the year and for more information on future events contact us Pregameent@aol.com

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houston16Montavious Murphy named Co-MVP of the Hidden 20

Each player was evaluated and put into our database that will be sent out to over 300 college coaches (D1, DII, DIII, NAIA and Junior Colleges) at all levels. Let’s break down the day’s Top Hidden 20 Prospects.

houston13Mitchell Seraille was named Co-MVP of the Hidden 20 along with Murphy

Daniel Corteguera (Stratford High School 5’10 2018) floor general with mid range game.

houston2Daniel Corteguera

Roderick Alexander (Spring High School 6’0 2019) works hard on both ends of the floor, defended well.

houston5Ramaj Gordon

Ramaj Gordon (Dulles high school 6’4 2019) a beast of the boards and runs the floor well

Jarrett Franklin (Fort Bend George Bush High School 6’3 2018) Good size for a PG, can shoot with good range and defend well, impressive in drills, DI prospect with upside.

houston12Jarrett Franklin

Dylan “Big Country” Glover (Allen Academy-College Station, TX 6’1 2022) Some already have ranked Glover as the top 7th grader just outside the Houston area. Glover is a big PG that can pass the ball well in transition, also puts it on the floor and can knock down the open jumper, one to watch. Already on our DI radar. Youngest player in the Hidden 20.

glover-houstonDylan Glover

Eric Lekas (Dulles high school 5’10 2019) Good fundamentals in all areas, in the competitive games displayed good shooting ability.

Montavious Murphy (Kline Collins 6’6 2019) High flying wing that can play multiple positions with shooting range, high major DI prospect.

houston20Montavious Murphy

Terrell Roberts (Hastings 6’6 2018) rebounded very well, knows how to get in the paint, little undersized but can hold his own, DI prospect.

houston11Terrell Roberts

Jeremy Peters (Elsik 5’9 2019) solid PG that can push the ball in transition, defends well, good upside with floor leadership.

houston3Jeremy Peters

Andrell Jones (Stafford High School 5’11 2018) displayed good shooting ability and finished well in the drills, can know down the mid-range jumper.

houston9Andrell Jones

Blake Bartlett (Bellaire 5’10 2017) Another uptempo point guard that did well during the skills session, also was impressive with his court vision using his quickness to attack the rim.

houston7Blake Bartlett

Dalon Dean (George Ranch 6’2 2019) Pure PG with handles, and a good basketball IQ. Dean displayed a solid mid-range game. Fairly athletic and has great upside for his size has DI potential.

houston1Dalon Dean

Neil Daily (Stratford High School 5’10 2019) Performed well in the skills session, shot the ball well iin drills and has a good feel for the game.

houston4Neil Daily

Dak Arriola (Columbus High School 5’8 2017) Displays hard work, listens well and has good basketball IQ, Drove a few hours to be in the Hidden 20, good knowledge of the game and defends well on man.

houston6Dak Arriola

Jakoby Kennedy (Katy 6’4 2019) Performed well during the day, works hard on defense, decent shot-blocker with inside game, bit undersized but has a chance.

houston10Jakoby Kennedy

Mitchell Seraille (Yates 6’7 2018) great shot blocking ability in transition, guards well in the post, can play 3/4 position and is a very good athlete. Named Co-MVP and is another DI prospect.

houston13Mitchell Seraille

Reggie Tolden (Klein Forest 6’5 2017) The southpaw shooting guard displayed all-around potential, this athlete can play a couple positions, rebounded well, good feel for the game, likes to attack and can handle well, DI prospect with upside.

houstontoldenReggie Tolden

LaMorris McCelland (Yates 6’3 2017) Tough player on the floor, likes to attack for a shooting guard. Good upside for his size.

houston8LaMorris McCelland



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