Las Vegas, NV – Coach Pete’s West Coast Live Camp was held Wednesday, July 20 at Bill & Lillie

Heinrich YMCA in Las Vegas, NV. Area Codes Basketball evaluated the prospects during the day, with

some of our favorites listed below. To see each player’s Highlight Video- just click the name of the

player.  For more information on future Coach Pete Camps, go to or follow Coach

Pete on Twitter @CoachPeteCamps.

Time to break down the prospects from Las Vegas….


Isaiah Molina 5’7″ 2018 (Rio Rancho, NM – Cleveland) A crafty PG that could navigate through tight spaces with his ball handling skills. Molina distributed the ball well and had some quickness that allowed him to better be able to.  Additionally, he was a pretty reliable jump shooter throughout the course of the camp.

Kendall Carmouche 5’9″ 2018 (League City, TX – Clear Creek) Carmouche uses his quicks to make plays for himself and his teammates all while being fairly under control.  He displayed the ability to see the floor, finish acrobatically, and he can be a pest on the other side of the ball.

Michael Fayak 5’11” 2019 (Norman, OK – Mount Saint Mary) Fayak was one of the better shooters in camp with his ability to knock down jump shots consistently.  He had a high, quick, and fluid release and knew where to find his shots.  It will be interesting to see how his game progresses with him being so young.  He has the makings of a solid heady point guard.

Noah Hernandez 6’0″ 2017 (Ripon, CA – Ripon) Hernandez had a confident savvy about him that couldn’t be denied and that may have been the biggest thing that jumped out while watching. A solid all around player, Hernandez really showcased his shooting ability going 10 for 13 from inside the arc and 6 for 8 from outside the arc.  However, he didn’t shy away from taking it to the cup where he finished well with either hand and utilized passing lanes… 3.85 GPA with a 1070/1600 SAT.

Nicolas Rene 6’0″ 2018 (Garland, TX – Lakeview Centennial) Rene didn’t shy away from shooting the three with range in any situation during camp.  He seemed to be a streaky shooter that could really get hot when he found his groove.  Outside of his shooting, Rene also displayed the ability to take it to the cup where he was able to finish through contact or shoot a floater.  He sports a 4.0 GPA.

Tanner Worrell 6’1″ 2018 (Chubbock, ID – Blackfoot) Worrell was one of the better shooters in the camp percentage wise going 3 for 7 from inside the arc and 3 for 7 from outside the arc.  He showed the ability to shoot the three in transition, with a hand in his face, and spotting up.  He sports an impressive 3.8 GPA for high academic programs looking for a shooter.

Keon Mills 6’1″ 2018 (Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Rancho Cucamonga) Mills had his hands on a little bit of everything at camp.  He went 10 for 14 from inside the arc, was one of the better rebounders for his size, and had a 5:0 assist to turnover ratio. It will be interesting to see how his body develops over the next year or two as he has a nice build to him…. 4.2 GPA

Michael Smith 6’1″ 2018 (Dublin, CA – Foothill) Smith had all the makings of a good shooter as he shot the ball with a pretty quick, high, and fluid release.  He went 3 for 4 from inside the arc and 2 for 4 from outside the arc. He’s one to keep an eye on over the course of the next year as he has a good feel for the game and a high basketball IQ.  He currently has a 3.5 GPA.

Daniel Embry 6’2″ 2017 (Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Rancho Cucamonga) Calm, cool, and collected was one way you could sum up Embry’s play at camp.  He had a smoothness about his game that made his 9 for 13 from inside the arc and 5:0 assist to turnover ratio look somewhat effortless. On the other end of the floor, his length definitely disrupted some things as he looked to have some potential in that part of his game…  4.0 GPA with 1120 SAT

Syrus Grisby 6’5″ 2019 (Spencer, OK – Luther) It will be interesting to see how he develops over the next few years as Grisby definitely did some things at a young age that caught my eye.  A long athlete that seemed to be involved in most of his team’s possessions from an activity and energy standpoint, Grisby at one time during camp dunked on someone. He’ll need to keep developing his skills, but definitely to someone to keep an eye on with his age.

Jay Davis 6’6″ 2018 (Los Angeles, CA – Crossroads School) Davis was definitely one of the more talented kids at the camp.  His bouncy athleticism accompanied with his length are undeniable, but he also has some skills to go along with his gifts. Davis showed the ability to put the ball on the floor enough to play comfortably out on the perimeter, showed the ability to knock down jump shots, and finished well around the rim. He could be a LM D1 sleeper.

Kade Maddock 6’6″ 2019 (Prescott Valley, AZ – Canyon View Prep) With him being as young as he is, if he grows another three inches and really keeps working on his skills he could be awfully good.  He’s got nice touch, some sneaky athleticism, and some pretty good feet for a guy his age and size.  Just needs to keep playing.  One to possibly keep an eye on.

Keller Casey 6’5″ 2019 (Dallas, TX – Episcopal School) Casey has a mature game with his high basketball IQ and cool demeanor for a young age. He lets the game come to him, makes the right plays, doesn’t force anything, and has the skills right now to develop into a very solid player.  At camp he went nearly 50% from both inside and outside of the arc and rebounded the ball at a pretty good rate for his age and size.

Liam Dillon 6’6″ 2019 (Houston, TX – Strake Jesuit) A bigger body for a 2019 kid.  Dillon puts his fingerprint on the game with his bang down low capabilities as well as his physicality in different areas.  One of those kids in particular where his level of play will depend a lot on how much he grows and/or develops skill wise.  He’s young and definitely one to keep an eye.

Andrew Eberhart 5’9″ 2018 (Pearland, TX – Glenda Dawson) Was one of the premier three point shooters at the camp going 7 for 11 from outside the arc.  He showed the ability to hit a three with a hand in his face, in transition, and from NBA range.  Eberhart wasn’t just a one dimensional player though. He did show flashes of being able to create for his teammates and definitely had a higher basketball IQ…. 3.8 GPA

Michael Bradley 5’11” 2018 (San Antonio, TX – Cornerstone Christian) Probably saw the floor the best out of everyone at the camp with his 11:2 assist to turnover ratio.  Bradley did a tremendous job of seeing plays before they happened and did so without forcing anything.  His quickness and ability to shoot the basketball definitely aided in this ability.  He carries 4.0 GPA and could be a D1 sleeper a year from now.

Brandt Parkerton 5’10” 2017 (El Dorado Hills, CA – Union Mine) A really heady and high IQ basketball player, Parkerton had a tremendous knack for seeing plays before they happened as he had a 10:1 assist to turnover ratio.  He did a great job of keeping his dribble alive in space to be able to draw the defense and wait for things to develop.  He also had one of the higher steal totals for the camp.

Cory Anderson 6’2″ 2017 (Laughlin, NV – Laughlin) After going 5 for 11 from outside the arc and with his fluid stroke, it’s safe to say that Anderson can stroke it with the best of them.  He had the makings of a pretty good scorer with his ability to knock down shots with a hand in his face in different situations.  A solid option for programs looking for a combo guard.

Justin Thomas 6’1″ 2018 (Houston, TX – J. Frank Dobie) A bigger body with broad shoulders for his size.  Thomas finished well going to the basket as he absorbed contact well and the defense seemed to almost bounce off of him.  Definitely plays bigger than his size as he may have been the best pound for pound rebounder in the camp with 16 rebounds at just 6’1″.

Jaleel Vongdara 6’4″ 2017 (Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Rancho Cucamonga) A bouncy athlete with good lift and confidence in his jump shot.  He did so with consistency going 5 for 9 from inside the arc and 4 for 6 from outside the arc.  Vongdara also had
some impressive offensive sequences that showcased his athleticism driving the basketball.



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