Goodyear, AZ — Planet Athlete, Inc. announces two new additions to its Season Schedule.

Planet Athlete announced that it will be going to New England this Season in an effort to bridge relationships with the NEPSAC, the New England Prep School Athletic Conference. In an effort to unify the two bodies that control basketball and athletic life after high school, Planet Athlete will be bringing two major Post Grad Showcases to New England.

The National Post Grad Showcase will be held in New Haven, CT the weekend of November 15-18, 2012. This is the same weekend that the annual National Prep School Showcase will be held in New Haven, which is normally filled with the best NEPSAC schools and a selective list of private prep schools from across the United States. The annual Prep School Showcase normally has about 16 Prep Schools competing, and draws over 100 college coaches. Planet Athlete via its National Post Grad Athletic Conference will bring another 24 teams to New Haven to compete in its Showcase, along with an additional 50 college coaches. Together the two Showcases will represent 40 of the best basketball teams, programs, and schools in the United States and Canada, and over 600 of the finest athletes in North America will be showcasing their talents to over 200 college coaches.

Eric Bowman, President of Planet Athlete said “this will be the biggest and best college recruiting weekend for college coaches this season.” In fact, Planet Athlete is predicting that that the number of college coaches from NCAA Division I, II, and III, along with NAIA colleges will increase tremendously, as college coaches get more bang for their recruiting dollar.

Planet Athlete also announced today that they will bring a second Showcase to New England as well. This Showcase entitled the North American Post Grad Championship will be held January 31st thru February 3, 2013 in Providence, Rhode Island, and will pit U.S. Post Grad Programs vs. Canadian Programs, virtually pitting the NPGAC vs. NPSAA for a North American Champion. Eight NPGAC schools will compete head to head against eight NPSAA schools for four straight days with the winner being the school with the most wins in the end.

Eric Bowman, President of Planet Athlete, Inc.

Eric Bowman, President of Planet Athlete, Inc. said that the NPSAA represents the best basketball talent in Canada that has remained in Canada to play for Canadian Programs. The NPSAA for years have produced outstanding athletes such as Andrew Nicholson, the first round draft pick of the Orlando Magic, who was trained by Wayne Dawkins of Phase One Academy in Toronto, Ontario.

The NPGAC on the other hand has member schools such as The Robinson School that has trained some of the best talent year after year for NCAA Division I, Historically Black Universities and Colleges. When you bring this sort of talented coaching, training, and development together in one organization, and now in one gym, and one competition to determine who is the best in North America, there surely will be a line of college coaches from around the country standing in line to see the raw athletic talent of players from these teams who all want to go home with the “Gold, the Glory, and the Bragging Rights”.

Vern Holmes will coach this season for Planet Athlete, Inc & works out several NBA players

The USA vs. Canada Tournament will be held during the same weekend of the National Prep School Invitational Showcase, which is also in Providence, Rhode Island. The National Prep Invitational Showcase will feature again some of the top NEPSAC schools, along with a sprinkling of prep programs from across the USA. Eric Bowman stated that the combination of both of these events in Providence will create the 2nd best college recruiting weekends this season, and serve as a bonanza for college coaches who again will receive the best bang for their recruitment buck, an opportunity to see over 32 of the top prep/post grad teams in North America, while evaluating over 480 Student Athletes.

Eric Bowman said “What College Coach would not want this to happen on annual basis, with college recruiting budgets shrinking annually, now one plane ticket, one hotel room, and one of two weekends, or both will provide them with an opportunity to evaluate the best basketball players in North America, how could an AD (Athletic Director) say no? Plus, next year the NPGAC and NPSAA will introduce a brand new women’s Post Grad Conference, and IMG Academy in Sarasota, Florida who currently has the only women’s post grad program is coming aboard and joining the other 7 new teams for one elite conference for women’s basketball, and we want NEPSAC to be involved, and to play against these new teams. So, yes we are coming to New England home of the best showcases in the USA to make these events even better. We are uniting Prep and Post Grad Basketball in a way that has never been done before. “

Planet Athlete, Inc., which founded the National Post Grad Athletic Conference (“NPGAC”) in 2010 as the official conference for elite Post Grad Basketball Programs to operate under one umbrella, united with its Canadian sister organization, the National Prep School Athletic Association (“NPSAA”) to become the sole Organization in the USA for Post Grad Basketball Programs and Schools. Together with the NPSAA they are the sole Organization for Post Grad Sports in North America.

Post Grad or Prep School, as it is commonly referred as, is a year of study between your high school graduation and your college admittance. Players from around the world participate in this year of skill development, academic enrichment, and exposure. Players who may be academically prepared, and eligible for an NCAA Scholarship, may not be ready physically, athletically, and/or have the maturity level to play on the NCAA level, and feel that a year of high level basketball skill development, and competition will provide them with the needed confidence to play at the next level. Additionally, the player will gain unbelievable exposure to college coaches and scouts from all over the USA. Players who need another year for academic reasons, or SAT and ACT review and testing, will also find the year rewarding as they work towards increasing their test scores, skill development, and increasing their recruiting opportunities by playing against top level talent from across the USA and Canada.

For more information on how your team can become a member of the NPGAC, or how you may open up a new team under the Post Grad Team Development Program, please see,; or contact Eric Bowman, President of Planet Athlete, Inc. at 480-251-3565.

About Planet Athlete, Planet Athlete is a non-profit organization dedicated to sponsoring and promoting Amateur Athletic events, tournaments and showcases for High School, Prep, and Post-Graduate Athletic Teams. Additionally, Planet Athlete has its own Sports Academy in Avondale, Arizona, where it offers Post Grad Athletic Training in Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, and Golf.

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