April Rivers 5’4 Bishop Gorman High School 2013- Athletic point guard, who handles the ball well and sees the floor exceptionally well in transition. Rivers plays with intensity on the defensive end and has a high basketball IQ.

Jasmine O’Bannon 6’2 Liberty High School 2014- O’Bannon was one of several athletic young post players that competed in this event ,O’bannon possesses exceptional footwork for a player of her age and operates comfortably in and around the basket. O’ Bannon scored in a variety of ways and disrupted the opposing offensive players on the defensive end.

Celine Alcafe 5’5 Cimarron Memorial High School 2014- Solid Point guard with excellent court vision and passing ability, somewhat of a sleeper prospect as she proved she can play.

Jamellia Clark  5’11 Liberty High School 2014- Solid athletic post player who exhibited nice post moves  and made plays around the basket when needed. Clark was aggressive defensively and exhibited an all around well rounded game.

Ashley Hibbard 5’8 Desert Oasis High School 2013- Hibbard is an excellent defender who creates offense for her team off of deflections and steals. Hibbard also possesses a nice mid range game as she hit several shots from 12-15 feet and scored off the fast break.

Brianna Higgins 6’0 Foothill High School 2012- Solid post  player who created problems for opposing defenders due to her solid fundamental play in and around the basket. Higgins rebounded, scored and passed the ball extremely well and proved why she was one of  the better players in the valley this year.

Traci Parks 5’11 Cimarron Memorial High School 2012- Another athletic post player, who scored in and around the basket. Parks was aggressive on the defensive end and created problems for opposing defenders. Parks is another senior that deserves a look at the next level.

Cherise Beynon 5’10 Canyon springs High School 2014- Athletic player that was able to get to the basket and finish, above average  rebounder and passer. Beynon possesses a high basketball IQ  and defends well.

Denajha Kie 5’9 Arbor View High School 2014- Very athletic and good ball handler , sees the floor well and is an above average passer.

Sammy Tso 5’5 Desert Oasis High School 2013- Solid point guard with exceptional ball handling and passing skills. Tso shoots it well from mid range out to the three point line.

Tae’lor Monroe 5’6 Liberty High School 2013- Energetic point guard that can handle, shoot and pass well. Monroe sees the floor well and creates disruption on the defensive end.

Shaunice Epton 6’1 Sierra Vista High School 2013- Epton was one of the surprise players in the showcase, as she was well rounded and solid fundamentally. Epton scored around the basket when she was supposed to and rebounded and defended extremely well against other top players in the valley.

Matti Ventling 5’9 Las Vegas High School 2014- Another player that impressed during the showcase as she could handle the ball well, defend and pass very well. Ventling is athletic and plays with confidence and poise.

Yassemeen Sadullah 5’6 Bishop Gorman High School 2015- One of the more athletic point guards that played in the event. Sadullah displayed a number of solid dribble drive moves, that allowed her to get to the basket and finish whenever she wanted. Sadullah passes the ball well and defends well.

Aylin Ponce 5’5 Durango High School 2015- Steadily improving combo guard that plays hard and competes in every game. Ponce has improved in the areas of ball-handling, rebounding and defense. Ponce is only a freshmen and is one to watch the next few years.

Jasmine Thomas 5’7 Durango High School 2012- Thomas is a solid point that handles well and is an above average passer in transition. Thomas is solid defensively and is an above average passer, who sees the floor well. Thomas deserves a look at the next level.

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